The Reckoning

I am responsible for climate change. 

At least, in part. 

I take flights, I drive cars, I cook on gas stoves, I eat meat occasionally and yes, forgive me, I use electricity. This is the way of living in the world that I inherited and until recently it was the world that I did not question. While there is no denying the fact that fossil fuels have given us brilliant conveniences in travel and lifestyle we must also accept the responsibility of our actions. So my question is, as someone that claims to care about “the environment” how can I continue to be a part of the movements that destroy it?

Human induced climate change is a fact. And I am a human, therefore I have some stake in that claim. It’s a fact that I have been scared of for a long time. Facing down the immensity of global warming I have held tightly onto a handful of biases towards inaction. Perhaps the most relevant to my life is referred in psychology as the “Bystander Effect” or the tendency to wait for others to act without acting ourselves. I know what is causing climate change. And I know the solution. Yet so far I have not been willing to actually make the changes that I would need to make in order to bring that solution into reality.

Knowing that my actions have an impact on global warming, how can I adjust those actions to help solve it?

Thomas RowellComment